Work with me/PR

Why work with Lucky Things blog?

It’s all about promoting things we enjoy and love as well as people’s everyday inspiring stories. Now that Lucky Things blog is more established and its following is happily growing each day, I really enjoy working with PR companies and lovely brands (big or small). As you’ll see from the blog posts, I’ve had some great experiences collaborating with brands. Hopefully you’ll also see from my posts that I’m a connector. I enjoy letting others know about interesting products, brands, people, companies and things to do.

Why work with me?

My career spans from media, fashion, the music industry, editorial, people development, HR to corporate so I have picked up some handy skills and contacts when it comes to promoting and just talking about things we enjoy. It’s also about seeking opportunities and making connections. A quick click here to see more about me. Lucky Things has a diverse following;  individuals, parents or carers as well as other bloggers who all can help to promote your brand further as they like, share and retweet. My followers are mainly in the UK and I love knowing that followers are also based across Europe, USA, Asia, Africa and Australia. I’m an active member in the blogging community. It was be great to be featured in the BritMums Live #BML16 in Pictures article.

Big Munch is a busy four-year old who loves being creative and hanging out with her little friends. Toddler Munch loves exploring new spaces, being out and about and making a mess! As a family, we love being arty in the garden, out and about in London or weekends away in the UK.

How can Lucky Things help you and your brand? I can write posts about your product or brand, advertorials, feature reviews or competition giveaways. I often feature “7 things” posts which promote different brands where a little story and review accompanies each product. Best of all, I love interviewing the creative hearts and minds behind ideas, brands or products. People work hard to set up their own businesses, whether big or small. I will of course promote any brand-collaboration posts through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on a regular basis.

Here’s a client testimonial from the brand Bambella Designs UK:

“It was a a pleasure to work with Sunita from Lucky Things. The review of our product was comprehensive, and we really value the way Sunita was able to craft a unique dialogue on her blog detailing her experience with our products. We appreciate that providing quality content to her blog readers is important, and that in doing so, it also generates a higher quality engagement between our brand and the Lucky Things audience. The social media coverage by Lucky Things has been fantastic across multiple platforms, and we’ve really enjoyed the ongoing conversation. We look forward to potential projects in the future.” 

Get in touch when you have a free moment…If you’d like to find out more, you can drop me a line at We can arrange a Skype chat, coffee or call so you can get to know more about Lucky Things and how we can work together.

Thanks for taking a look. Enjoy Lucky Things….

x Sunita

So what do followers say about Lucky Things blog?

Feedback and what my followers think means everything. It’s all about writing engaging blog posts which people are interested in. Below are some quotes about Lucky Things as the blog went live or as posts have appeared.

“I’ve just read your blog and it’s great, I love the style of it, the layout, photos and everything, I need to read your tips for getting ready in the morning as that is not easy is it!” Mummy Blogger

It’s relevant, funny, honest and authentic. You’re not trying to tell people what to do or preach, just offer tips from your own experience. It also mirrors the conversations I have with others so it’s easy to forward and share as what you write is relevant” Follower, teacher & new mummy

I love the Lucky Things blog as it is about being positive in life, seeing the beauty around us, and enjoying the now. It is different to many blogs as it isn’t about self promotion, designer clothes and swanky hotels but instead it is about being grateful for what we have – it is about the real world and real life of a mum of two in a big city, who shows us how can see beauty in the every day and the mundane. I think Lucky Things is about giving back” Follower, PR manager & mummy of two

“I’m really enjoying your blog at the moment, especially today’s post and your one on the baby blues. Keep up the good work!” Follower,  head of talent & mummy-to-be

Aww you’ve got such a nice voice in your writing!” Follower, software developer & mummy-of-two

Love your blog, it’s beautiful’. Follower, doctor & mummy-of-two