Food: Lunch at Drake and Morgan’s The Folly, City of London

I’ve worked in the City of London for over 15 years. We were spoilt for choice when it came to popping out for lunch or after work suppers. Over the past couple of years I discovered the Drake and Morgan venues for lunch, drinks and supper. All of their venues also do a mean brunch. Here’s seven things I love about The Folly in one of my favourite corners of the City… Continue reading

Easy mocktail recipes with Highland Spring

This time of year is a busy one. There’s lots of organising to do and rushing around. Even more reason to look after ourselves when we’re getting ready for Christmas and the festive break. I love mocktails, especially with sparkling water. These really don’t take long to prepare. Impress your guests as they’re also perfect for mealtimes, dinner parties and hangovers.img_9492

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Food:  Seven things we love about Milly’s Kidchup

I first heard about Milly’s Kidchup through her husband DJ Spin Doctor (Rod Gilmore who featured on the Daddy Cool series). He mentioned how Milly was working on this new kind of ketchup. A healthy one for kids. Milly is a fab mama who has been featured on the  Lucky Things Inspire series. Although she’s busy with her day job and looking after their son Archie, she’s managed to produce Kidchup.


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Food: A salmon curry night in with Tilda Aromatics

Growing up I remember sitting at the kitchen table and asking my Mum “Why do we eat rice nearly every night?”  She explained that “Some people eat potatoes every day so it’s just the same as that”. Our family are of Mauritian heritage. I always remember going to the cash and carry on a Friday night with my Mum and Dad to pick up our huge bags of Tilda rice. Luckily I loved rice and still do. Giving up carbs would be disastrous for me. It’s part of my childhood and our family’s culture. I love it that Baby Munch and Big Munch are big fans of rice too.


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Lucky Things Food: Review of Bufi, East Finchley, London 

Bufi is a wonderful Italian family-run restaurant based in the centre of East Finchley, North London. The N2 branch opened in 2013 and it’s run by Sofia. As we’ve lived in North London for over 8 years now we’ve come to love lots about the East Finchley area. It’s bang in the middle of some great hubs: Highgate, Hampstead and Muswell Hill. We often venture to East Finchley and Bufi is one of our favourite places to eat.

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Lucky Things Food: Review of Whyte & Brown, Kingly Court, London WC1

Whyte & Brown is based in the gorgeous secluded Kingly Court behind Liberty’s at Oxford Circus. The last time I went to Whyte & Brown was for a late night supper with a friend. We met earlier on for dinner but were distracted mooching around Topshop around the corner! We ended up eating at 10pm on a Friday night (that’s rock and roll in my world!). Last time I had the buttermilk chicken burger and it was pretty good.

It was lovely heading back to Whyte & Brown for lunch this week. I went with one of my girlfriends. We needed a proper catch up before she headed back to her new teaching job next week. Here’s 7 things we loved about Whyte & Brown: Continue reading