Why we love brushing our hair together

I guess over the years most people known me for my long hair. When one of my close friends left for travelling she requested that I didn’t chop my long locks. I did chop it off after Big Munch was born. Beyonce started rocking her bob and I felt like a big change. I missed my long hair too much so it’s just a quick trim for me now.  It’s interesting seeing what my daughters’ hair will be like. Will they end up with their daddy’s tight curls or my thick straight hair? When three-year old Big Munch was a baby, she rocked a cool mullet for a while. We refused to trim her lob-sided hair as it was her signature look. Now her hair is growing each month. One thing I love everyday is brushing her hair. Here’s seven things why brushing our hair together has become a special bonding moment for us both. Continue reading

Beauty: Seven things I love about the MDM Flow range

Hey, hope your week is going OK. Well, this blog will be sure to brighten up your day. If you’ve seen my morning beauty routine or getting ready blog posts, you’ll know I’m a big fan of MAC cosmetics. It’s not often I’m swayed into using other brands. But MDM Flow caught my eye at Stylist Live the other month. Lots of people asked about what lip colour I was wearing at the Lucky Things Meet Up in October. It was the MDM Flow Liquid Matt Lipstick in hot pink Power.img_7688

“Lipstick shades that are bold and unusual, in a word, street style. Her brand is called MDMflow and inspiration unusual, Hip Hop” – Vogue Italia

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Lucky Things Beauty: Amazing beauty tips from Grace Timothy – Mum Face blogger and vlogger

One of the many highlights of popping along to the Mama Squad Assemble the other Saturday afternoon was hearing Grace Timothy chat about her beauty tips. She set up the Mum Face blog and You Tube channel to share gems of knowledge from her 10 years+ in the beauty industry.

So why did Grace start Mum Face? Whilst working at Glamour magazine, she became pregnant and started getting gestational acne. As she felt her face melting into her laptop (Grace’s words!) she realised she needed to find out what products she was allowed use during her pregnancy. Then when she had her daughter, a new hormonal weirdness appeared.

So Mum Face was born – a women’s-pregnancy-mummy-everyday beauty blog. It’s for everyone. She also wanted to share tips on managing the worse case beauty scenarios! She wanted other women to see products in different ways.  Grace loves trying out products for us as she doesn’t want us to waste our money. Grace is fab at blogging and vlogging as she’s a natural over-sharer. Like a beauty super heroine, she loves busting beauty myths.  Continue reading