Why I love organising the Lucky Things Meet Ups

This year, the Lucky Things Meet Ups are going national. I’m not usually a numbers girl but there are five planned across the country over the coming months and another five lined up for Autumn time. Organising events, however big or small, is hard work. When I look at the 2017 Lucky Things Meet Up schedule, I never doubt why I organise them. So why do I love organising the Lucky Things Meet Ups?img_3916

Connecting people offline…I say this a lot but social media should never be a replacement for socialising with people in real life. It’s an important tool that helps us to connect with people we may not get to meet as we go about our everyday business. The Lucky Things Meet Ups are about catching up with people in real life whether you know someone who’s going too or you’re coming along on your own. I’ve always loved getting people together. Whether it’s birthday parties where me and Mr.H used to DJ, or renting the local church hall to get loads of mums together to support Macmillan, I’ve always loved organising a get-together. Lucky Things Blog was born out of PND and our IVF experience. I found the right creative outlet for me. I was lucky to be encouraged to get out and meet new people which helped me to move out of PND. There’s no question about it, seeing people is important for our wellbeing.

Sharing the know-how…One thing I love about planning these down-to-earth social and networking events for women is the chance to share tips and experiences with each other. It’s always interesting hearing about what talks or topics people want to hear about. It’s not just about people hearing my HR expertise or confidence coaching know-how. I’m proud that all kinds of people and experts appear on the panels. Many are at different stages in their career, creative or entrepreneurial journey. They don’t have to be well-known or Instagram superstars. They just have to be honest people who don’t mind chatting about what they do and what they’ve learnt along the way.

Sources of inspiration…Whether it’s listening to one of the panel speakers or sharing a giggle with one of the other guests, I love seeing how women at the Lucky Things Meet Ups inspire each other. When I first set up the Lucky Things Meet Ups, I never realised they would be about inspiration. I didn’t realise others would be using this word to describe them. At the end of the day, everyone needs their sources of inspiration we juggle the ups and downs in life.

Like-minded doesn’t have to mean the same…Quite a few people who come to the Lucky Things Meet Ups talk about being around like-minded women. What does this mean? Like-minded is about having an understanding, empathy or maybe something in common. It could be the smallest thing that encourages people to chat or connect. We don’t have to be the same as each other to be like-minded. img_8185

Celebrating difference…One thing I love about organising Lucky Things Meet Ups is that they attract loads of different women. We live different lives, do different work, have different backgrounds, ideas and opinions. When I first started hearing guests describe these events as inclusive, it was pretty cool. That’s exactly what I hoped they would be. img_8195

Sometimes we just need a break…The Lucky Things Meet Ups are about quality me-time. I love that people can focus on your own development if they fancy taking away some tips and tricks. We put more and more demands on ourselves. Life rarely gets quieter; we find ourselves juggling lots of things. The Lucky Things Meet Ups are about taking out a few hours and recharging in an informal social setting. img_3833-1

The Lucky Things Meet Ups are being held in London, Bristol, Manchester and Brighton. Pop over to the events section for more info.  If you want to see what we got up to at the first Lucky Things Meet Up on 2017, check out this video.

If you’d like to receive the e-bulletin on the Lucky Things Meet Up dates, just send a quick email to sunita@luckythings.co.uk








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