Seven things we love about the new Clarks Kids range 

Who doesn’t love shoes? Even Toddler Munch was excited to wear her new gold trainers last week. Shoes say a lot about our lifestyle and our style. Big Munch is nearly four and she’s pretty strong-minded about what she wears. You can guarantee if we go shoe shopping together she will chose something pink. I still don’t get why girls love pink so much but I’ve accepted this is her style. I love going shoe shopping with the girls. Sometimes my Mum comes too so it’s become a little tradition and we often pop to our local Clarks store on the high street.fullsizeoutput_30e1

This week me and Toddler Munch checked out the new Autumn/Winter range for Clarks Kids. Here’s seven things I loved about their new range…

Metallics...If you hang about on my Instagram, you’ll know I’m a big fan of metallics. There are some great metallic shoes, trainers and high tops for the girls. These velcro strap trainers are also unisex. I’m also a big fan of velcro fastenings for the girls’ shoes.fullsizeoutput_30d3

Sibling twinning...A few of the Clarks kids’ styles come in pre-school infant and junior sizes. I know it would be cute if the kids had matching shoes, especially as Toddler Munch seems to love her big sister’s clothes already. I rarely pop them in head-to-toe matching outfits but it’s cute if part of their outfit is similar.fullsizeoutput_30e6

Cool camouflage…From what my friends tell me, it seems harder to find different or fun clothes for boys. I think a few brands are working hard on this though. Clarks have the best camouflage high tops. To be honest I would also put my girls in the khaki green ones if their taste wasn’t so pink-tastic.fullsizeoutput_30d7

High tops! I love high tops so of course I love it when the girls wear them too. One of my favourite pairs from the Autumn/Winter 2017 range are the metallic high tops. They also come in light brown with bunny tails on the back.fullsizeoutput_30e2

The maroon high tops are also a neutral tone; a nice alternative to bright pink.fullsizeoutput_30dc

Technology…I’m a geek and I pay attention to what makes something comfortable. With kids shoes, I worry if they’re comfortable. I know what it’s like to buy uncomfortable shoes. I like to understand why a product is different or why we should spend money on certain brands. When I asked the press team why we should buy from Clarks they reminded me of the testing that goes into every shoe; to make sure it’s right for little feet and their busy on-the-go lifestyles. My girls are always out and about so they need hardwearing shoes that keep their feet happy.


Photo by Nicola from

There’s also a lot of technology behind the Clarks shoes for kids. Their Gloform range literally have glow in the dark trimmings and soles. The Trigenic range are super lightweight with modern sporty styles (that I’d wear too).fullsizeoutput_30dd

Brand stories…I’ll be honest, Clarks has always been a consistently cool brand to me. It’s also about their classics from girls’ t-bar shoes to their men’s sand boots. Mainly from my love of hip hop, I knew Clarks was a respected brand in youth culture in my teens. For the guys, I know it’s a classic dapper brand; think wallabies and Clarks Originals. Does anyone else remember wearing wallabies in their teens? Also, have you read about Clarks in Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point? he talks more about how Clarks played a key role in generating trends in different youth cultures around the world.fullsizeoutput_30da

I often wear Clarks court heels for my corporate career. There would always be a pair that stood out in store and so they would suit my working wardrobe. Lots of my female workmates would never believe my snakeskin high heels were from Clarks.


This photo was taken by Nicola at

During my MA studies in HR, I also wrote a paper on Clarks as long-standing local brand and business. I guess it’s still a well-known British brand. It was great hearing from the PR team that the head office is still based in Somerset. Although they were established many years ago, Clarks are moving with the times and it’s cool they have a nice selection for kids too.fullsizeoutput_30d8

Where do you buy kids shoes from? What do you like about the new Clarks Kids range coming out in a few months’ time?

Thank to Nicola at Tribal London Photography for providing the photos of me. Thanks to the Clarks Press team for looking after all of my shoe range questions.


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