Seven things I’ve learnt from my Mum

My Mum has been a pretty cool role model over the years. Here’s seven things I’ve learnt from my mum…

  1. Study hard…Having come over to the UK in the seventies, she was on a mission -to get her nursing qualifications so she could also support her family back home in Mauritius. So I’ve learnt that keep investing in your development, whether it’s researching skills, picking up top tips or becoming better at what you do through good old practice and experience.
  2. Work hard…So when you’ve finished a round of studies, get ready for more hard work. My Mum has definitely instilled a certain work ethic in me. When I told my old boss about my mum’s career, she said “That’s obviously where you’re hard work ethic came from”. Suddenly becoming a single parent with two teenagers couldn’t have been easy. If you want things to happen, it’s going to take hard work.
  3. We’re stronger than we realise…My mum is a strong lady. Physically and emotionally, we manage to get through things that feel super tough at the time. My mum was the first person to call me brave when we started IVF. img_2719
  4. Food is a healer…I always remember my Mum driving down to London to drop off home-cooked food deliveries when I had uni exams. It wasn’t any trouble at all. With my numerous operations over the years, I’ve been spoiled with comfort food deliveries. Home-cooked meals are some of the best gifts you can give someone when they going through a tough time.
  5. It’s OK to cook more than you need…It means that it’s takeaway time for us and we have meals sorted for the next few days. Some dishes like Mauritian Ladoube (chicken and tomato stew) and curry taste even better the next day.
  6. Wear lipstick…My Mum tried to get me to wear lipstick in my teens but I wasn’t interested. It was all about lip balm from The Body Shop. Now I appreciate how lipstick can brighten up your look, especially when you feel tired or a bit low. I love wearing lipstick now (thanks Mum, you were right).
  7. Enjoy dressing up…My Mum loves her clothes. You can never look over-dressed. Whether it’s for work or hanging out with her granddaughters, it’s all about looking chic. Mum sticks to her own style which I love. Bright colours are also important to boost your mood. I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy hand-me-downs from her wardrobe. Mum knows that if I spot something in her wardrobe from the high street labels I love, it’s coming home with me. She’s also taught me how to dress up to feel confident.

I wonder what my girls will learn from me over the years? What have you learnt from your parents?

xx Sunita

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