Parenting: Top tips for looking after twin babies

When people find out we did IVF many of them asked if there was a high chance of us having twins. There wasn’t due to the type of Natural IVF we pursued. So we always knew that if our IVF was successful, there would be one bubba. Quite a few of our friends have twin babies or they might be expecting twins. So I thought I’d round up a few tips from some of the mama bloggers out there with first hand experience. By coincidence, this week Beyoncé and Jay-Z announced their twins news. Thanks to Katie, Hayley and Shannon who shared their top tips on looking after twin babies (and yourselves as parents).

What’s your top tips for looking after baby twins?

Katie over at TwinsPlusOneMummy
“Being a mummy to twins is the best thing ever, but thinking back to when they were babies the one word that springs to mind is ‘relentless’. With baby twins you just never get a break. There is always a mouth to feed, bottom to clean or sick to mop up! I’d say take each day as it comes – every day you get through is an achievement. Keep your days simple and don’t be tempted to make big plans that you can’t keep, just do your best and get those little humans looked after.
Go out for a walk and try and get some fresh air if you can, arrange some play dates with other mummies so you can have some adult conversations too. Most important of all, look after yourself and take care of yourself, you can’t drink from an empty cup as they say. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either. You will need it in the first year of their lives for sure. You just can’t do it all on your own – take help and whatever else is offered up, you can only do so much. I will also say that you need to enjoy it as much as possible because it goes by far too quickly. It must be something to do with how busy you are and how little time you get to reflect and enjoy them – but if you can, try and be mindful and in the moment with the twins when they’re babies because before you know it – they’ve grown up!”

Hayley over at @FoxFairyTwins

“Any twin mum will tell you that the most important thing you need to exercise in abundance in order to survive raising twins will be organisation. Everything I do is carefully considered and thought out in order to make my day run as smoothly as possible (of course this does not always go to plan…cue poo explosion…) This includes things such as setting out two sets of clothing for the day, keeping the changing bag stocked up and ready to be taken out of the house and keeping on top of the laundry so that you always have enough sleep suits and bibs!

During my pregnancy I did a lot of research about how people coped with twins and the most common thing that kept coming up was ‘keep them on the same feeding schedule’ to avoid having to double up with the feeding times. So, from day 1 we fed the babies simultaneously and it has been the best thing we could have done. Now miraculously the twins will wake up at the same time (to the minute!) for their feed, which in turn means they nap at the same time. This allows me some time to catch up on all of the other chores that come with looking after two babies.”

Shannon at Twin Love Concierge

Our number one trick for twins in the first year is keeping them on a schedule. For the first few weeks its impossible to start any sort of routine, so you do what you can and enjoy your precious new babies, but from 6 weeks onwards introcuding a schedule from always feeding the babies at the same time, putting down for naps/sleep at the same time through to set play time, bath times and more. Having two babies at once is difficult so creating an order to your day means Mum and Dad have the ability to eat and sleep themselves and enjoy being parents rather than on-demand response to the babies which wears you down. Keeping to a schedule is not always easy as growth spurts and teething happens but it is the backbone to all twin parents getting through the first year!

Studio by Carmen

Photo published with permission courtesy of Twin Love Concierge

2. One of your favourite things about twin babies…
Katie over at TwinsPlusOneMummy
There are some amazing things about twin babies – from the attention they get to the double cuddles you get but I’m going to say one of my favourite things was just watching them grow and develop together. They are in their own bubble to start with but after about six months they start to really notice each other and the connection they have with each other gets stronger and stronger and more interesting. They have another baby just like them, growing up besides them. Nothing they do is independent of the other – and it’s so fascinating to watch that relationship develop and grow. They develop a true bond and learn so much from each other and as a mother, I’ve learnt SO much from them.

Hayley over at @FoxFairyTwins

One of my favourite things about being blessed with having baby twins is the different personalities you get to enjoy. Every day I feel like I am learning a little bit more of who they are as people. Beatrice is our fiery, nosey little fairy and Francis is placid and calm. We are rather grateful for the mixture of personalities…if we had two overzealous babies I think my perception of having twins would be very different indeed!

Shannon, from… 

 The best part of Multiples is watching them grow and interact with each other. The Twin bond isnt a myth – it exists and witnessing this magic makes you smile numerous times a day. From the first time they reach out to each other through to chatting in their cots at night-time, its a daily reminder that you made not one but TWO babies and they are forever bonded in their life journey.

Thanks again to everyone who shared their twin tips and first-hand experiences.

Over to you…What did you think of the above tips? If you have twins or know of anyone who has twins do you have any tips to share?

If you’re looking for some advice on parenting twins, pop over to As a Mum to identical twin girls, Shannon created Twin Love Concierge so parents of multiples could access  parenting education and experts outside the world of singletons. With a team of renowned multiples specialists from Ob/GYNS, IBCLCs through to nursery designers and party planners, TLC has become the world’s premier service for parents of twins. Their support services have a global reach with accompanying online classes that covering a broad range of topics.


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