Why do girls love pink?

The p word. Regardless of how you try to bring up your daughter colour-style wise, girls always seem to love pink. When we knew we were expecting a little baby girl, I avoided buying her lots of pale pink clothes. The closest to pink I bought for her baby wardrobe was coral (which is actually one of my favourite colours). So as a baby, Big Munch was dressed in lots of grey, navy, bright colours but rarely pink. Three years later and the colour scheme has switched. Big Munch is in charge of her style decisions. She does not need any guidance from me on what to wear. It’s all about pink, pink, pink. To be honest I don’t mind her wearing so much pink now but I do wonder why little girls are drawn to pink. So why do girls like pink so much?

1. It’s always going to be a colour associated with girls…Pink is still a colour that’s gender-specific. Rarely would you see a boy dressed up in pink. It’s an unsaid rule. Boys don’t really wear lots of pink, so there’s plenty of pink leftover for the girls. I wonder if this gender association will ever can be over time or generations. I adore the My K range from Mothercare. But Big Munch will only wear her monochrome outfits with a flash of bright pink. 

2. Princesses continue to be pink…Maybe one for another blog post but girls suddenly become obsessed with babies, dollies and princesses. These feminine toys are often dressed themselves in pink. So in a way they’re colour scheme role models for girls.

3. Does pink mean pretty?…Oh I hope not. I want my girls to feel happy and confident in whatever colour they wear. I don’t want them to have image concerns and I do want them to feel happy with however they look as they grow up. With all of the pink toys out there I worry that they will associate positive things with only the colour pink. What does pink mean to Big Munch? I should really ask her how it makes her feel or is that too much? I do wonder if it’s a comforting colour for her, maybe it actually gives her confidence or special Munch powers.

4. Peer pressure or pink pressure?…I’m sure the behaviours of their peers (or friends if they get the concept of friends yet) have an influence on my daughter’s preferences. Big Munch comes home from nursery and reports back that her pal has a pink hat or pink wellies. It feels like Big Munch is paying more attention to the colour rather than the actual accessory. If she sees her pre-school mates wearing pink is this making her like it even more?

5. The pink bowl please…This is a sacred item in our house. God forbid if we accidentally give Toddler Munch the pink IKEA kids bowl for breakfast. As Big Munch is a fairly fussy eater if she prefers to eat from a pink bowl so be it. I’ve also heard from nursery teachers that Big Munch likes to have the pink bowl at meal time. Apparently she even got into a heated three-year old dispute about a pink bowl at pre-school. Crikey considering she’s a fairly chilled kid she must really love a pink bowl.

6. Disney…I was relieved to see some other Disney princesses not wearing pink. Hallelujah for Frozen (never thought I’d say that) but Elsa and Anna actually wear blue dresses. This was my one tactic to get Big Munch to wear something different to pink. She loves the blue flowery dresses from John Lewis. They appear in our photos quite a lot! If it’s blue then it’s Frozen-related. So thanks Anna and Elsa.

7. Is it me?…As Big Munch loves pink so much I’ve stopped encouraging her to wear different colours (well more like failed negotiations). So I’ve gone with the flow. I bought her a pink duvet cover for Christmas. Although it’s leopard print pink so something I really love myself. Big Munch loves her pink elephant from her cousin. We called him Ganesh who is the pink elephant from the Hindu scriptures. I do wear a bit more pink now. Big Munch loves it when I wear pink blusher and bright pink lips. So I certainly haven’t banned pink from our home and I can’t avoid wearing it myself. 

PINK. It’s an interesting one and maybe one I’ll never find answers to. But maybe it doesn’t really matter. Big Munch is a overall a good kid and a happy one so who cares if she loves the pink life. It’s just a shame she’s not so obsessed with pink food as I’d love her to enjoy salmon one day! What am I supposed to expect with two little girls in the house eh? Toddler Munch currently wears what I choose so let’s see when the pink preferences start appearing…

I’d love to hear what you think about my pink debate? Do you have any idea why girls love pink so much? Did you like pink as a child? Do you know girls and boys who love pink? Is it an issue if girls prefer pink to blue or other colours? When does it become a bit of an issue? Leave a comment below and join in the pink debate…

X Sunita  (who’s probably going to end up wearing a bit of pink today…)


9 thoughts on “Why do girls love pink?

  1. Emma says:

    Weird one, because I never loved (or even liked that much) pink… My favourite colour has always been blue.
    I also always try to avoid buying anything pink for friend’s little girls – hence the white & grey combo I bought baby munch when she was born. ☺ xx

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  2. Habiba says:

    I believe pink for girls and blue for boys is just the matter of social constructs that do not possess any serious meanings in it at all. For me, there are only stereotypical beliefs that boys look feminine wearing pink and pink is the only color that suits girls and make them look pretty.
    I do not see any link between pink and pretty because I see many colors that make girls look pretty in.
    I personally never thought pink is pretty and never liked wearing it. Although I have seen many girls being fond of pinks but I can confidently say that I am just a normal girl and my favourite color is turquoise.
    I also think that such stereotypes have brought many restrictions and social issues in our way.
    What if a boy likes wearing pink and it even suits on him? I have witnessed people making fun of boys wearing pink which is sad.
    I hope we, human beings, can get over these meaningless things and actually get to focus on equality and freedom of personal choices… be it favourite colors or anything at all.
    Thank you for bringing up a great debate. I am glad that many among us actually tend to notice tiny bits of things that surround us but hardly make sense.

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  3. Lucy | Leaning In says:

    I also try to avoid dressing my daughter in pink, but It really suits her! It brings out the colour in her cheeks and just looks beautiful! Whenever she is in grey/blue/anything that’s not pink everyone assumes she’s a boy! What’s with that!? Girls don’t HAVE To wear pink!
    Once they are old enough to choose, I have no problem with girls choosing pink. I doubt we’d bat an eyelid if it was some other non-gender related colour. Interesting post!!

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    • Sunita says:

      Hey Lucy thanks for stopping by. It’s a funny one isn’t it. I used to rebel against wearing pink when I was little. Don’t know why?! When Toddler Munch isn’t wearing pink people think she’s a boy too.
      Big Munch loves choosing her clothes so outfits always involve some pink or Frozen themed blue.
      Great to hear so many different views on such a colourful topic! #ForTheLoveOfBlog


  4. justsayingmum says:

    Ah the pink vs blue debate – boy vs girl? Hmm – this is a huge topic and you’ve certainly hit it head on. The generational thing for change is tricky because so many women adore dressing their girls in pink – however, is it because they love it or because of marketing? I never opted for the pink for my children and as a result my eldest daughter’s favourite colour was green and my youngest daughter’s pale blue. Was it a conscious decision of mine? No not really – I just didn’t love the fluffy pink culture of little girls – I was lucky that mine didn’t switch. It’s great that Disney went with the blue – genius! Gorgeous pictures lovely – you do look striking in that pink!! #fortheloveofBLOG

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    • Sunita says:

      I do wonder when pink started to be more associated with girls and which generation kicked this off? My girls do look cute in pink but then I’d argue they look cute in anything!
      That’s cool your girls love green and blue.
      Thanks so much for the compliment Helen. I actually love wearing bright pink. I think my mum has been a big influence as she loves her bright pinks and purples. X #ForTheLoveOfBlog

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  5. beautiesandthebibs says:

    I am exactly the same with my daugher she very rarely wears pink . I even got an odd look of a women in Clarks when I picked the blue shoes over the pink ones !! Thank you for linking up #fortheloveofBLOG

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