Why we love brushing our hair together

I guess over the years most people known me for my long hair. When one of my close friends left for travelling she requested that I didn’t chop my long locks. I did chop it off after Big Munch was born. Beyonce started rocking her bob and I felt like a big change. I missed my long hair too much so it’s just a quick trim for me now.  It’s interesting seeing what my daughters’ hair will be like. Will they end up with their daddy’s tight curls or my thick straight hair? When three-year old Big Munch was a baby, she rocked a cool mullet for a while. We refused to trim her lob-sided hair as it was her signature look. Now her hair is growing each month. One thing I love everyday is brushing her hair. Here’s seven things why brushing our hair together has become a special bonding moment for us both.

  1. Just the two of us…As her little sister Toddler Munch doesn’t have that much hair, brushing our hair is something that just me and Big Munch enjoy. It’s one of our favourite moments together in the day._mg_8350
  2. Creating her own independence…Big Munch loves brushing her own hair. I finish it off but using the Compact Tangle Teezer makes it easy for us both to tackle any kinks or knots.
  3. Time to chat…In the morning we might be more rushed so brushing hair won’t be a sit-down affair. In the evenings, brushing hair is our chill time. It’s a chance to chat about the day and talk about what great sleep we’re both going to get (my attempt at coaching my child on how amazing sleep is for everyone!).
  4. Being mindful…Brushing each other’s hair is pretty therapeutic. Big Munch’s concentration is good and she really takes care with my hair. When I’m brushing her hair it’s a lovely moment as her hair is a real mix of her daddy’s and mine; the straight locks from me and the dark brown tint from Mr.H.
  5. Building her own identity…Big Munch is getting girlier and so she loves choosing her own hairstyle; usually either an Anna or Elsa from Frozen plait (yes, there is a difference). She loves her own Hello Kitty themed Tangle Teezer brush. img_9068
  6. Reflecting on the day…When you’re detangling hair, you know that Big Munch had a busy day. I love it how she comes home from nursery with a different hairstyle or look. It’s either wind-swept or she’s coaxed one of the nursery teachers into doing a new hair style for her. Luckily the Tangle Teezer is pretty good at sorting out her hair at the end of the fun-packed day.
  7. Appreciating the simple things…Who knew brushing and doing my daughter’s hair could bring up so many feelings? It’s a reminder that she’s here after our unpredictable IVF journey. I actually have a daughter to brush my hair with. Priceless. img_9309

Do you have childhood memories of having your hair brushed? What are your top tips for looking after your hair or children’s hair? Leave a comment below if you have a free moment…

This blog post is in collaboration with Tangle Teezer who gifted us the compact stylers. The gold one is of course mine!


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