Lucky Things Out & About – 7 Things we love about Everyman Cinemas

As we’ve lived in London for a while now, we’ve always been spoiled for choice when it comes to cinemas. Last year, more Everyman Cinemas were popping up and we’re now lucky to have three a short drive away. Our local ones are in Muswell Hill, Hampstead and Barnet. The other night I visited one of the nearest Everyman Cinemas with my mummy pal. We chose to head to Everyman Barnet as they were showing Bad Moms. We obviously picked up some great tips from the film Bad Moms (so check those out on another post).

Here’s 7 things we love about the Everyman Cinemas, with a special shout out to the Barnet team and venue…

  1. A good mix of films...They show blockbusters but also cool independent films. Check out your local listings as many have children’s showings at the weekend. Everyman Barnet has quite a few screens so there’s always a good choice.
  2. Amazing cafe areas…All of the Everyman Cinemas we have been to have great cafes and chill out areas. The hang out space at the Barnet venue is particularly spacious. It’s also a great cafe to come to during the day to meet up with friends and mummy groups.


  3. More food…The Barnet and Hampstead venues are one of the few cinemas with their own separate diner restaurant called Spielburg. The menu is pretty good for a cinema. They serves really nice hamburgers, chicken burgers and veggie burgers. You can also order food from this menu to take into the cinema screen. The Everyman team will also provide a waiter service so you don’t miss the start of the film.
  4. Retro furniture…I guess one reason why we love about Everyman Cinemas is that the furniture is very much our style. Lots of 1960s comfy chairs which remind us of our home. We’re big fans of G-Plan and Austin Suite furniture.
  5. Seriously comfy armchairs whilst you watch the film…This is one of the things that makes Everyman Cinemas stand out from others. We love the sofa seats for two and there’s always plenty of leg room (both Mr H and I are kind of tall). It’s also a great venue for a girls night out. We expected there to be lots of ladies watching Bad Moms and we were right. Lots were also armed with their drinks, diner snacks and glasses of wine perched on the tables next to each cinema sofa.
  6. Sweet tooth…Obviously we love popcorn whilst we watch the films but sometimes you fancy a bit of cake as a last minute dessert. Again it’s fine to take your cake and tea from the cafe into the screen. You can even build your own sundae to be delivered from the Spielburger diner. We also tried their hot chocolates. They were unbelievably good.
  7. Everyman everywhere…Everyman Cinemas can be found across the UK. Check out their website to find out if they have baby cinema showings. You may have read an earlier post how much we used to love heading to baby showings when the girls were babies and so portable!

Oh and more thing we liked about the Everyman Barnet is that they have a car park at the back. Find out more about your nearest Everyman Cinema through their website

What cinemas do you love going to? What films have you watched recently? Do you ever get to go to the cinema during the day or at the weekend? What do you love about cinema outings?


This is a sponsored post and we were provided with two free tickets to see the film Bad Moms and some incredible hot chocolate drinks courtesy of Everyman Cinema Barnet. Thanks team. All opinions expressed are my own. 



2 thoughts on “Lucky Things Out & About – 7 Things we love about Everyman Cinemas

  1. kimberly says:

    Love an Everyman. So much personality! And amazing comfy seats. I haven’t been many times (that’s having children for you) but really must book again soon. Girl on the Train yeah! x


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