Liberty window dreaming…

Every Christmas me and one of my best friends meet up for our annual tradition in town. Checking out the Liberty store and it’s Christmas flair followed by some good food. So much to look at, so many cute details. These window dressers are super talented, check out their work full of lucky things…

Bath tub of treats… 

Gifts for the kiddies and grown-ups! 

Toddler and little people essentials – knitted giraffe with his leopard print rucksack.

The red window. Phone home… 

The silver window with metallic Adidas and token monochrome badger!

Bold lighting making each window look super cosy.

Poodle and rabbit keeping an eye on homeware window.   
Pink tea time…

More from the pink window…

Love this hat for a little person.

Enjoy spotting lucky things…Liberty department store, Regent Street. Entrance is on Great Marlborough Street. Nearest tube Oxford Circus.

#libertystore #libertylondon

We then popped along to Foxcroft & Ginger on Berwick Street for brunch.


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