Book love series – In time for Christmas, special stories to share with the little people

However old we are, books can be some of the most treasured and well-thought out gifts. Coffee table books don’t always have to be ones for grown-ups. So in the run-up to Christmas I wanted to share some our beloved children’s books with beautiful images. The little people don’t have to be a certain age or reach ‘toddlerdom’ to appreciate these books. They are lovely to look at with their bright modern graphics and touching story lines. Even better for us grown-ups if we also love reading and looking at them (over and over and over again as you can imagine…)

Emma Dodd’s Forever, Everything and When..

I bought Forever for our first baby. It was Big Munch’s first ever book. I quickly read it at one of The White Company stores and it was too touching to put back on the shelf! Looking back, I don’t think it was just the pregnancy hormones that brought a tear as I read the heartfelt lyrics about a polar bear daddy hanging out with his cub. Reassuring words so the little ones know we will always be there for them.

Having caught the Emma Dodd bug, we then bought Everything. A cute story about a Koala mummy as she tells us what she adores about the little one. Nice shimmery golden graphics make the pages feel special and glow during bedtime.

The latest one to add to the collection is When…all about a little cub dreaming about the future and how they want to be in life. Like all of Emma Dodd’s books in this collection, the words have a soothing rhythm to them. For me, this makes them extra special books for bedtime even when your baby is just a few weeks old. Some of these books also come in smaller versions with hardback pages so they’re handy for travelling or being out and about.

Not a surprise really that Emma Dodd studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art. Her books can be found on here on Amazon or at

Oliver Jeffers’ How to Catch a Star and Lost and Found

Oliver Jeffers is from Belfast and now lives in Brooklyn. We’re big fans of this amazing author, illustrator and artist in our house. Both books talk about friendship and there’s also a hint of touching determination in the story lines. How to Catch a Star tells us about a boy who knew what he wanted and his adventure to find his new friend. Lost and Found is about a boy who will do anything to help a penguin who arrives on his doorstop.

Oliver Jeffers’ books can be found here on Amazon. It’s also worth checking out his website to keep up to date with his freshest story books (and enjoy some of the cute video trailers). I really hope one day he will make films out of his stories.


When I Was Born  by Isabel Minhos Martin and illustrated by Madelena Mataso

We came across this book at the Tate Modern book shop in London when I was pregnant with our second baby. I loved the cover so much, maybe it’s because of my growing love of all things monochrome. So this turned out to be Lil’ Munch’s first book. The black and white images in this book are perfect for babies, toddlers and older children. Perfect words for toddlers who just want to explore stuff and create their own mini adventures. A longer story about a little boy’s discoveries ever since he was born and left his mummy’s tummy. The pages reveal how he explores and finds out about new things using his different senses. It also highlights the simple things our little people really enjoy in life. A book reminding us learning is never-ending.

When I Was Born can be found at the online Tate Shop or on Amazon.

I Had a Favourite Dress by Boni Ashburn and illustrated by Julia Denos

Since Big Munch has been part of our crew, I’ve always bought a book for her whenever we visit different countries together. They’re cute souvenirs which remind me (if anything) of our good times on holidays. I first came across I Had a Favourite Dress in the Anthropologie store in Miami. Big Munch was only 6 months at the time but I was excited to find a book we could also read and talk about when she was a bit older (and starting to put together her own outfits). Before I knew it, she’s now two and a half and creatively decides what to wear. Note no maximum number of patterns in one outfit. Like the little girl in this book, she clearly has some favourite items of clothing of her own. As someone who loves associating my clothes with different memories, celebrations and places this was also the book for me. A cool story about a little girl who is sentimental about how one dress is transformed and helps to build memories. It’s also a cool way of talking about the days of the weeks, seasons and for us budding seamstresses and designers customising the beloved items that will always be a part of our wardrobe!

I Had a Favourite Dress can be found here on Amazon.

So what are some of your favourite stories to read to the little people? Any books where the illustrations make you smile? Go on, quickly leave a comment and share the book love…x


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